Insects – a promising feed and food protein source?

  • Ksenija Nesic Institute of Veterinary Medicine of Serbia
  • Jutta Zagon Bundesinstitut für Risikobewertung (BfR)
Keywords: edible insects, entomphagy, insect meal


Insect use in feed and food in European countries is now an increasingly debated topic, although these animals have traditionally been nutritional components in Asian, African, Central American and South American cultures. This review addresses the issue of eating insects and using them as feed components, especially considering the nutritionally important factors. Safety risks are also discussed, as well as allergies, toxicity, consumer acceptance, legislative, welfare and environmental concerns and possibilities for laboratory control. Insects play and will play important roles in the future in various fields of research and utilisation, but especially and increasingly as feed and food ingredients.

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Nesic, K., & Zagon, J. (2019). Insects – a promising feed and food protein source?. Scientific Journal "Meat Technology", 60(1), 56-67.
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