Editor in chief

Vesna Z Djordjevic, PhD, microbiology specialist
Principal research fellow

Editor-in Chief  is responsible for deciding which articles submitted to journal Meat technology will be published. Editor-in Chief is guided by the Editorial Policy and constrained legal requirements in force regarding copyright and plagiarism.
Editor-in-Chief reserves right to decide not to publish submitted manuscripts in case it is found that they do not meet relevant standards concerning the content and formal aspects. 
Editor-in Chief must hold no conflict of interest with regard to the articles they consider for publication. If an Editor feels that there is likely to be a perception of a conflict decisions on the paper shall be made by the Sub editor or members of Editorial Board. 
Editor-in Chief shall evaluate manuscripts for their intellectual content free from any racial, gender, sexual, religious, ethnic or political bias.
The Editor nad Editorial Staff must not use unpublished materials disclosed in submitted manuscripts without the express written consent of the authors. The information and ideas presented in submitted manuscripts shall be kept confidental and must not be used for personal gain.
Editors and Editorial Staff shall take all reasonable measures to ensure that the reviewers remain anonymous to the authors before, during and after the evaluation process and the authors remain anonymous to reviewers until the end of the review procedure.

Sub-editors of scientific journal „Meat Technology”

Vesna Z. Djordjevic, PhD
Microbiology, Food Hygiene and Quality

Nenad Parunovic, PhD
Meat Quality, Sensory Food Analysis, Native Breeds of Pigs

Nastasijevic Ivan, PhD
Food Safety

Branko Velebit, PhD

Brankica Lakicevic, PhD
Molecular Microbiology

Zoran Petrovic, PhD
Packaging, Food Packaging, Environmental Protection

Dragan Milicevic, PhD
Food safety and Animal Welfare

Petronijevic Radivoj, PhD
Food Safety and Quality, Analytical Chemistry

Srdjan Stefanovic, PhD
Residues and Contaminants of the Environment