Meat Matters: Tackling Food Loss and Waste in the Meat Sector

  • Nataša Kilibarda University Singidunum
  • Neđeljko Karabasil University in Belgrade - Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
  • Jelena Stojanović Accreditation Body of Serbia
Keywords: food loss, food waste, meat sector


Food wastage occurs throughout the entire food chain, starting from agricultural production and continuing through post-harvest handling, storage, production, distribution, consumption and disposal. Food wastage not only affects food security but also has detrimental consequences for the global economy and the environment. Food loss and waste occur throughout the meat supply chain. According to literature data, 23% of meat production is lost and wasted across all stages of the food chain, with the highest share attributed to the consumption phase. Improved farming practices, animal health management, efficient transport systems, proper storage and handling at processing and retail levels, and consumer education on responsible consumption can all contribute to reducing food loss and waste in the meat sector.

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Kilibarda, N., Karabasil, N., & Stojanović, J. (2023). Meat Matters: Tackling Food Loss and Waste in the Meat Sector. Scientific Journal "Meat Technology", 64(2), 177-182.